The AKGEC Library System consists of a Central Library and 09 departmental libraries and 05 hostel libraries, which collectively support the teaching, research and extension programmes of the Institute. All students and employees of the Institute are entitled to make use of the Library facilities on taking library membership. The Library, besides having a huge collection of books on engineering, science and humanities offers library services through its various divisions.Library of AKGEC has a wide collection of books on science, technology, humanities, management and personality development. It has a large collection of books, journals, magazines and non-book material. It has over 90028 books in various disciplines, 5116 CD-ROMs, Seminar reports and project reports. It also has a section with more than 1000 books for various postgraduate competitive examinations and personality development. A separate Digital Library has been set up with subscription of IEEE/IEE, ASME, Springer, Science Direct, J-Gate, ASTM, McGraw-Hill Access Engineering and also DELNET and BCL membership for use to the students and faculty for online learning.

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